Thursday, August 28, 2008

New poster n things

Poster Design by Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Industries.
Farewell show at Great Scott in a month is going to rule.

...So now that we have a "blog" does that mean we're supposed to update it with every piece of useless information possible? Definitely maybe. Last night we continued work on a new song. This one is real real heavy, and it has an electronic beat in the beginning that sounds like Massive Attack meets... Boyz 2 Men. *Wicked*

May I add how tremendously ass crushing the new These Arms Are Snakes album "Tail Swallower and Dove" is? It is unbelievable. And the new Mogwai album is one of the best records they may have ever done. The real deal. 

'Tis a good time to be stealing leaked albums off the internet for free I must say.

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Thisquietarmy said...

blogs rule. i got one too. useless info galore!