Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slowly Ticking

Hey there this is Philip. Resident daddy long legs member of the band. Time is going by slowly as we await to embark on tour. Most of the time these days I sit around and play tetris on my phone or watch the red sox in a bid to not go out and spend money since we'll be needing that over there probably. But yesterday I left the house and went on an adventure. First I went to guitar center where they told me my guitar center credit card thing had $3600 dollars of 6 months no financing on it. Glad I made those old payments. After nearly weeping in joy at this news and exchanging my underwear for a clean pair, I purchased a Line6 Echo Park to replace my second Dl4. Thing really kicks and the tape/analog settings sound pretty legit to me. Nice touch. It takes up less room to and will hopefully get the pedal board under 50lbs. so I don't have to pay Lufthansa airlines more than my current life savings (honest) to get that baby on board the aircraft. 

Then I found out that Junius guys needed the key to the gas tank in the van they were borrowing from me for the day so I drove all the way into Boston and gave them the key. I went through Jamaica Plain after sitting in sweaty traffic and locked the doors since nearly everyone there looked like they wanted to run their fingers through my spikey hair as they slowly knifed me and stole the vehicle. I kept it cool though. Gave them they key and said hello. Found out they got their plane tickets to Europa for much less than we did. Though I was angry, I was happy for them. But they're also not flying during Oktoberfest, or leaving on a weekend day, so really it was unavoidable. After we made fun of each other like we always seem to do, I drove back to our practice space in Beverly and re-assembled the pedal board. 

I take great pride in doing this and even sipped some whiskey while re-arranging things, much like a person would who is reading a fine literary masterpiece, or enjoying a quiet evening by the fireside. Except I was in our practice space listening to the band next store plow their way through a punk song called "halloween". Sounded like they enjoyed that holiday A LOT when they were kids and had decided to pay homage to it. There were also tons of police officers at the space since our friends room got broken into :( Feel terrible for them and offered my gear while we're gone. That just plain sucks a lot.  I then went home and watched the news, got depressed by it as always, and then went to bed.

So yes, as you can tell time is going by too slow around here and other than practicing the jams with Will and getting the business things in order, its a waiting game. Hopefully that doesn't always translate into self indulgent, boring blogs like this, but thanks for sticking it out if you did.


Bethany said...

do work

John Mc said...

I am so proud of that pedal board I am cracking a beer pre work. See you Tuesday.

John Mc said...
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sobrandnew2232 said...

Wow, a metal muff?? I would've never guessed. The sparkle drive is sick though!

I'm curious, what kinds of parts do you use the metal muff for mainly?