Wednesday, October 15, 2008


with our kind hosts in munich at a traditional beer house

Philip, again.
Live from Munich, Germany.
Looks like I'm the only blog posting geek of the band this tour.
Yesterday was our first day off so far. The most was certainly made of this day.
I spent most of it with my good friend Vanja who showed me the city in all of its beautiful glory. I'm not sure what everyone else did, but I hear it was good times as well.
Stops included drinking the most delicious beer known to man (Ayinger wheat beer - a beer so delicious I nearly wept into it again), walking by the river, and traveling in the local subway.
Vanja made me an incredible traditional Bavarian breakfast and was the most hospitable, radical dude you could imagine. My finest to Vanja and his hospitality.
I look forward to returning the favor in Boston sometime soon.

The whole "people were so kind and hospitable" thing must be sounding like a broken record at this point on yee ole blog, but every day it communally amazes us all. This tour wouldn't be half of what it is without the kindness of our hosts.
More pictures from Munich and the day off:

Vanja, Phil and Will at the beer house in Munich

Downtown Munich

Benni, who let us crash at his place and took us out, and... Vickers

The river in Munich

Vienna was such a special show for the band.
Perhaps the most special of the tour yet ?
We have many close, good friends there, and the evening was one that will echo for a long ass time.
The Rhiz was a small venue, but the crowd assembled was solid, and being there with all of our friends was so beautiful.
We miss them all very much and thank the Neubachers for opening their home and fixing dinner for us at 2:30am!!! Incredible!

Today we resume the sweaty mayhem in Wurzburg and play a string of dates in Germany. Then its on to Prague and Poland. So much more to come from this tour, which is hard to imagine considering how much has already gone down. OVER AND OUT

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