Monday, November 17, 2008


We all now made it back to the USofA safely.
Memories of highway strips, good beer and better people fight for space in our tired skulls.

Its cold back here. 
Most of the leaves are down.
Feels like... New England.

We got more or less kicked out of our practice space by the person that runs the space we have played at for awhile now.
Welcome home.
So we need a place to finish writing this record, which will begin recording February 1.
Working on it!

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Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, ESQ said...

Hope you find a new band 'home' soon... I'd offer the use of the family cottage for a week or 2 if that's any use to you (it's in NB right near the Maine border)... if my Dad hasn't closed it up for the winter already... anyway very highly anticipating this disc after the YouTube preview I've gotten on some of the new song.
Cheers and Merry Christmas in advance.