Monday, January 12, 2009


Well it's shaping up to be a busy year for CASPIAN.
As of today we've finished writing the material for our new record.
2 1/2 years of back and forths, second guessing, inspiration, etc. etc. and we've got about 55 minutes of material that we'd take bullets for. We feel that there isn't a second of filler with this material, and sometimes that may translate into a slightly different take on the Caspian sound that you've been familiar with for the last 4 years. Maybe not though, it's hard to say. We're done thinking about what people might want from this record and what could help us get more popular and hence make a real living with this and be careerists and instead are deciding to make music we'd want to listen to and are exceedingly proud of. We're pretty confident we have that with this material so now it's time to record. We're going to do that in the usual Caspian fashion - 2 or so weeks of intense tracking, mixing and editing and then letting whatever settles from the dust be our next record. We could go back and forth for years trying to perfect it but as always it's going to capture a tiny little moment in time and then go from there out to whoever wants it. We're looking for a NEW LABEL in North America so keep your fingers crossed that someone who digs it and wants to promote the crap out of it finds themselves in front of some loud speakers and this music sometime soon. Look for the new album to be released worldwide hopefully in September, but I'm sure half of you will hear it sometime this summer when you get your grubby mits on an illegal download of it.
We're also going down to SXSW again this year in Texas. Touring some of the fruited plain on our way down as well. Should be bang up times as usual. And we're DEFINITELY going back to Europe this September and also will be debuting in the UK around then which has us excited. A full US tour is going down sometime in 2009 too. W O A H people.


Glen said...

all of this creates some excitement...

Lane said...

have to say there is definitely some excitement up in seattle for the new one!

also - please give cigarette a proper release. kind of hate having to visit myspace when i wake up in the morning. and after a hard day at work. and after a good coupling session.

keep it up
- l