Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In The Studio.

Day 3

Drums have been completed.
Now it's on to bass.

There are many pictures and video to come of this session, just you wait.
Our friend Will is going to be doing a film documentary of this session and he's coming down this afternoon to start gathering footage of us being "serious" and stuff and "in the zone" (?)

Things are more laid back this time around in many regards.
Gone are the stress fests of the last record and now we're here to have fun recording what we think is some solid music.

We have a clear vision for this record and did more homework for it so now there's more clowning around time allowed.
Cue to next week though and we'll probably be bleary eyed insanity stricken chumps fighting with each other and the engineer and talking about calling it quits.

We shall see!
Stay tuned friends.

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security camera said...

You're lucky I don't still live in somerville, because I would probably be in the snow right now, knocking on the front door for hours, trying to come in and annoy the hell out of you all by watching you create. Although nobody would let me in, so I guess I'm lucky I'm too far away to attempt to do that. Freezing to death would definitely suck. Good luck brothers, it will rule.