Monday, October 5, 2009

Metz, France. Nuite Blanche Festival.


Hey Friends-

We are in SPAIN right now. That simple fact alone could encourage me to type until my fingers fell off... Which I will do in good time. It is simply amazing here as always. But we'll get to that in the next blog offering.

Today we'd like to talk a little about a show we played last Friday night in Metz, France. The event was the "Nuite Blanche Festival". This was not your conventional music festival. Basically they closed down the picturesque French city of Metz and turned into an all night music and art ruckus. Tons of people walking all over the place soaking up everything from Sparklehorse playing a main stage set to sculpture to a WW2 era fighter jet parked right in the center of town with crazy lights shining all over it. It was a wicked affair to say the least.

Our participation in this festival was co-ordinated by our new friend Julien, an amazing guy to say the least. What a wonderful human being Julien is. Before the show we were treated to an amazing steak dinner at this wife's restaurant too! Goes a LONG way, right there :)

Anyways, he thought it would be a good idea for us to play underneath a bridge in the center of town. This basically meant they closed the road down and we set up shop. We started right around midnight and played for an hour. There was also an experimental filmmaker displaying some custom footage on a gigantic 20 ft. screen right above us on the bridge. Are you picturing this yet? Hopefully the pics above give you the idea. They don't capture it but they must suffice. Apparently over 1,000 people showed up to watch this someone told me. That is just simply ridiculous!!! We've never played outside before, let alone play on a closed down road with a huge video screen under a full moon to a city full of wonderful French people.

This one is hard to put into words. After it ended we all mutually agreed that this was probably the most special thing we have ever been a part of artistically. It's a show we won't soon forget. Thank you Julien and all the people of the Nuit Blanche Festival. We hope to return and do it all again.

Here are some pics. There's also a tiny video clip of the end of Sycamore. We've got footage of most of the set but I don't enough time to upload the bigger files right now. Enjoy!


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amazing. i'm insanely jealous of those who got to see it.

proyect x said...

Great sound, amanzing songs all in Madrid was wonderfull, congatulations!!!!!!!!!!! guys i see you in Madrid one more time thanks for all guys.