Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cold Season

What's happening guys. We are nearing the end of February and rounding the corner on another intensely bitter and snowy New England winter. Snowdrifts are all wicked high kehd! This morning it was 4 degrees for the umpteenth time. Needless to say, we are looking forward to getting down to the durty South and hitting the road in 10 days. You can see all the dates here. Native and Chiaroscuro are excellent bands and this will be a night of music you'll be happy you came to. Trust us on that. We will have our remaining stock of tour Vinyl (Tertia 2XLP, YATC/Four Trees 3XLP), all 3 CD's, new tshirts (beautiful designs, printed on high grade American Apparel so you'll wear them more than once), stickers and a limited edition tour poster by Mark Gamble of Secretly Swedish (UK) tht you can see below. We are also taking credit / debit cards from the merch table now. Expect a new song or two in the set this tour as well.

We will be wrapping up the tour with some appearances at Austin, TX's SXSW Festival. Our showcase is happening 3/18 at Valhalla along with labelmates Junius, Gifts From Enola, Herra Terra, Lavinia (Phil's other band that you should check out!) and Eksi Ekso. Can you say complete and total sonic destruction?

Work continues on our forthcoming live DVD release. We saw some rough cuts the other day and folks, this footage is absolutely amazing. Our friend Bjorn is slaving away over this out in Cologne, Germany putting it together and it's safe to say you're all going to be impressed with the final product. We are considering putting an Live CD in the package as well, making it our first official double disc experience. More details later about this, but expect an early Summer 2011 release.

We recently moved into another practice spot to continue work writing our next album. Currently we are in the basement of a Chapel at a local Episcopal Church. The work continues and we are REALLY looking forward to having un-interrupted time to get immersed in the process. We will keep you updated.

We want to very, very much thank everyone for coming out to the 4 local University shows we did during the last 2 weeks. Was a trip to drive down to a show in our own cars and sleep in our own beds after playing a concert. A lot of hard work went into these dates from some committed students and we are very grateful to have played for you.

That about covers it for now... Bookmark this blog as it will be the best way to stay up to date with us these days. If you live in Dixie, prepare the way. If not, we hope to see you soon and take care of each other.


PS - Here is an interview we did last tour just up now. Have a listen if you're interested.

Thanks to the folks at FlipIt TV in Limerick, Ireland.

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we.r.basso said...

hey guys, i'm massive fan of your music. the raven will eventually finish of my hearing, i just can't play it loud enough. you ought to think about hearing-loss warnigs on the album covers "just in case".
nice interview btw. phill: don't worry, i don't think anyone noticed..
looking forward to the next album and hopefully seeing u all live.
cheers. alex (victoria, australia)