Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks and Upcoming Europe Dates

After a butt numbing 1,863 mile drive we are back home in Beverly following a whirlwind time down in Austin for SXSW. Hanging out down there can be kind of soul destroying sometimes, and the definite highlight for us were the 3 shows we got to play. They were shows we won't soon forget and they made the trip down and the 5 days there absolutely worthwhile. If you came to see us, thanks again for your support.

So now we've got one last little tour before it's extreme hibernation / writing time. Final dates for this April are as follows:

4.09 Montreal, Canada | Casa Del Popolo
4.17 Moscow, Russia | Gogol Club
4.18 Poznan, Poland | Pod Minoga
4.19 Leipzig, Germany | Nato
4.20 Wroclaw, Poland | Bezsenno
4.21 Berlin, Germany | Friction Festival at Berghain
4.22 Giessen, Germany | AK44
4.23 Zottegem, Belgium | Dunk! Festival
4.24 Delft, Netherlands | De Koonbeurs

These will be our last European shows for a very long time (one year +) so if you're in the area, consider coming on down and kicking it with us! We are really excited for these shows guys!!

Plan is to record the new album this October. Still deciding who to do this with but the options on the table are pretty mind blowing and have got us all kinds of excited. Just wait!!

Anyways, if you came to see us on tour or bought a piece of merch or head banged or let us crash with you or play foosball against you or have a beer with you or say hello or whatever, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Miss you already and see you again down the road....



Rune said...

Wish you guys would come to Norway some day... :/

elwuss said...

oh yeah, we played foosball alright!
elvis, man zero, Ljubljana slovenia show;)