Friday, July 22, 2011


Nothing quite like the summer time up here in Beverly. Thick green trees, blue beaches and fish on the grill - it is supreme. Except maybe days like today, when we are nearing the century mark with excessive heat warnings and it feels like you are being licked all over by a sweaty beast. Rough out there. It's hard to imagine that just 6 months from now we will be getting slapped in the face by sub zero wind chills as we stumble through 10 ft. snow drifts trying to dig out cars. So it goes.

How are you? We feel like it has been awhile. Our last show was now over 3 months ago but it kinda feels like 3 years. We've been busting out new songs in prep. for this new album around the clock all summer. The last month and a half has been especially productive and we are starting to really see the new album come together. It's tough to explain where this one is heading sonically. Some things will sound familiar and some won't. Very hard to say, but as always, we can %100 reassure you that these songs are coming from the same internal place they've always come from, and t0 re-visit that place is an engulfing experience every time.

Anyways, the final plan is to record this in November with John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Appleseed Cast, St. Vincent, Explosions In The Sky) down in Dallas and hopefully get it out to you in Spring of 2012, at which point we will be hitting the road hardcore as always and going everywhere we can. There will obviously be way more information on all of this towards the end of the year, but we wanted to keep you in the loop.

We are happy to announce some recently confirmed shows for this fall as well:

Sept. 16 Washington DC @ Black Cat W/ Tone, Savage Republic
Sept. 17 Philadelphia, PA @ M Room W/ Tone, Savage Republic

We are stoked to get back on stage and perform as it really has felt like forever. Besides a yet to be announced Boston date, these are the only shows we will be playing for the rest of 2011. We hope you can make it out to them and HIYA!

That about covers it. If you're having a nice summer = Cheers. We miss all of you and hope you are well, always.



Tabmow said...

Thanks for the update guys,i cant wait to hear the new material.
just wanted to put in a friendly request for your next tour to come to colorado :)

Alex said...

YEAH, it's hot today. I just found you guys on and have been listening to your stuff all day, very impressive! You caught my attention when I saw that you were from Bevtown, aren't many current popular ties to our beautiful city nowadays.