Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's end of the month time, which means news update time. Only this time, there isn't a whole ton to report. We are still waiting to hook up with Matt Bayles to mix this record in late April. Still have one more month of fidgeting around in anticipation. Once this is mixed and mastered (all is going to be finished by May 10), expect a giant avalanche of news to begin descending. Album title (it's been decided), Artwork (it's being worked on), Tours (lots of stuff already in the works), Song titles (still need 4 more of those, yikes) - all of this will be made known very shortly after return home from the hospital with our new addition to the family in the form of this record. In the meantime, we've been doing... a whole lot of nothing. Which, after like 5 years of touring straight, is kind of a nice change of pace. Expect all of that to change very soon though obviously. Take care and talk to y'alls next month from Seattle.

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Bennett Alston said...

i eagerly await the new album