Monday, September 29, 2008


We have arrived safely in Germany. The plane ride was smooth and everything in terms of customs and baggage went off without even the smallest hitch. That was a huge relief as we were dreading either losing gear or having to pay extra for an unknown reason, etc. But all was well. The sun is rising on another Caspian tour, much like it is in the picture above over Frankfurt. Quite a beautiful scene eh? We checked into the hostel yesterday at noon after walking around Dusseldorf for 3 hours aimlessly trying to kill time until they'd let us in. When they finally did we took some naps, got everything safely situated and then hit the old part of town and made our way to a couple lovely bars where the wheat beer and pilsner flowed (a little too) freely. It was a grand old time indeed! Today we slept a lot and had complimentary breakfast which consisted of bread, jam and a beef pate'-esque paste that smelled like cat food and looked like monkey poo. I just recently spoke with Jorg, our record label owner, and it looks like we are going to a Lebanese place to eat dinner tonight and talk trash about the post office people who lost a box of LP's that cost over $150 to ship from Beverly. I guess 1 thing going wrong makes it feel like a real tour, but in honesty pretty much everything so far has been pleasantly smooth. There are some school children yelling in German playing at recess outside the window. Yah!!! 

We'll try to update this blog as much as possible... It's easy right now since this place has a lightning fast connection. But we will do our best. Probably try to write something after the first show tommorow in Duisburg that we are very much looking forward to and are anxious to get started. Over and out. Here are some pics.

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