Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yoooo. The pic above is from a Lebanese restaurant that we all went to last night in Dusseldorf with Jorg and co. from our record label over here. They treated us to one of the most delicious meals we've shared together in Caspian history. Tasty. 'Twas excellent to finally meet them in person. We are in good hands here with Make My Day Records, this much is certain.. 

At the current moment we are sitting around in the lounge of the hostel with 3 hours to kill until Lisa (the driver for the tour) creeps up with the van. Then it's off to Duisburg for the first show of the tour at Steinbruch with the wonderful band, Ef. Last night when we left the restaurant we heard them announce the show tonight on one of the largest radio stations in the city! So that is a good sign... We shall soon see.

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Bethany said...

good luck, boys. hold things down till I get there...