Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Caspian with I Am The Architect in Frankfurt, Germany

Right now we're in Berlin, preparing to eat breakfast and head to Poland.
We spent a good portion of our day off yesterday in Prague, but decided to head here around 6 last night to break up what would have been a 10-11 hour drive.
Prague was wonderful, despite the fact that some prick covertly charged Joe, Erin and Will around 55 USD for a pizza and 2 coca colas. Seriously.
The show in Prague was one of the best, as was the show in Berlin (despite some bad gear malfunctions) and the show in Leipzig (despite the polizei showing up because we were breaking curfew at the venue). All in all though the last few shows have been top shelf.

With Petr, our promoter for the Prague show. Peter was a kind man, to say the least.


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woko said...

I really enjoyed that event! Thanks guys you came to Prague! And as well thanks to Petr! :) Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay as well and screw that guys, tourism is their goldmine... Hopeful I'll see you on the spring!