Friday, October 24, 2008

Eastern Bloc Party

Arrived here in Slovenia a few hours ago...
Sitting backstage here at MIKK in Murska Sobota - an amazing venue.
Patiently waiting to take the stage.
Awesome backstage room packed with food and drink, internet and such. 
Very grateful for such things right now as the drive today was 10 and a half hours of butt hurting boredom.
Lots of driving this week and lots of POLAND.
All 3 of the shows in Poland (Sopot, Poznan and Krakow) featured warm, extremely high energy crowds who made us feel a little less wiped out at this point of the journey. 
Very grateful to have played for such amazing people.
Fatigue is setting in, and the end is near. Just trying to make sense of this tour is exhausting as so much has happened in the last 3 weeks. 
Won't even know where to begin when the eventual "how was tour?" questions start coming in.
We'll make t shirts that say "it was great!" and point to them as we stare into space trying to contemplate this all. 
Besides touring we're also spending some quality time figuring out how and where to record the new record - a record we are committed to making excellent.
Been talking to some peeps back in the USofA and work shopping the process in advance.
Anyways ~ here are some pics. Been taking less and less seeing as how every other picture on my iPhoto is a pic of a backstage room or some van shenanigans or someone making a dork of themselves at 2am covered in sweat after a show. They are priceless, bur probably boring to the innocent bystander.

Much Love~


Leaving the remote youth hostel in Sopot, Poland en route to Poznan.

Ira counts the millions of euros we have made this tour backstage in Krakow.

This is us with the band "Tides From Nebula" who we found to be some of the most friendly and musically ass kicking guys in all of Europe. This was a truly awesome night of tour that featured an amazing crowd and lots of free Polish vodka. And a very strange dance party downstairs that lasted until the wee hours.


tali said...

This tour and entire trip sounds amazing. We've been tracking you on a map and love seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures. Johnny has been telling everyone that his uncle is a rockstar :) Do you think you'll come home?

macieto said...

hehe:D :D I was there. That was so amazing night :D


So, only to put here a small reminder about that there was a concert also in hungary. Which - in spite of the quite strange place, and the quite strange "voá, groáá, áárggh" band before you (which was really quite incomprehensible)- was quite impressive. So its just a small "lets come next time" message.

And some pictures about it: