Friday, October 10, 2008

Dudingen, Switzerland

Made the drive from Lyon to Dudingen today.
On the short side, only about 3 hours which was refreshing.
Here at the "Bad Bonn" for the show tonight.
Its a wonderful little spot on a farm in the middle of nowhere with a cool folks hanging around and AMAZING beer.
When your clothes are in a washer at the hotel downtown, you've got a strong Wi-Fi signal, its Friday night, and you've got 7 drink tickets (for 7 AMAZING beers), life is pretty magical.
And soundcheck went well so that's a good sign.

Some pictures from the last week.
Hard to choose what to put up so these are just random...
Click to enlarge.

Caspian and The Allstar Project at Porto-Rio for post show shenanigans.

West of Bilbao, Spain in the Asturias.


Bola Club in Gijon, Spain.

Porto, Portugal. 

Crowd in Madrid at Ritmo Y Compas.

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The Mylene Sheath said...

The photograph "West of Bilbao, Spain in the Asturias" is amazing!