Monday, October 6, 2008


Paris, France


The string of dates here in Spain and Portugal end tomorrow with a what looks like a huge show in Madrid, Spain. Before we go any farther we absolutely must thank Andre' from here in Porto for assisting with the booking for these shows and helping us out a great deal with hospitality and promotion. Andre' is amazing and we are eternally grateful. These last 3 shows have been so memorable for our band and they are times we will never forget. Thank you Andre', Nacho, Artur and everyone else for being incredible to Caspian over the last few days here in Iberia. We will return.

This tour is simply incredible in so many different and beautiful ways. Last night we played on a boat in Porto right at the mouth of the main river of the city and into the expanse of the Atlantic. Pretty insane! The show was the best of the tour so far and the crowd felt like a home town one with a lot of very positive energy. It is also safe to say that Gijon, Spain is the most amazing city we've all ever visited. It is on the northern coast of the Asturias region of Spain and needs to be seen to be believed. 

The computer is having some serious trouble uploading pictures right now, which is a shame cause I've been popping some ansel adams worthy pics in one of the most beautiful regions of planet earth for the last 4 days. Heh. More to come whenever the next internet connection surfaces and we have extended time (which has been very rare in the last few days).

Hope everyone is well-



Ryan said...

looking forward to the madrid show. Ill see you guys there.

Dermo said...

Hi guys!! Was a really really great show that you gave on Porto. Of course André is a great person, i've proud to be his friend for a many years!!

Hope can see you again at Porto!!

silver said...

What i great concert, what a great vibe, what a great experience. I loved all the seconds of your gig, and the ending was just explosive.

Trully a night on my favourite boat to be forever remembered.

Hope you guys really return in the spring! And have a safe travelling!

jarkone said...

Great concert at Ritmo&Compas!
Thank you guys, i 'm waiting for your return :D.
best regards.