Monday, February 9, 2009


This album is going to be pretty heavy.
Hopefully you're as alright with that as we are, cause at this stage of the game we are really having a good time in here, and feel like for possibly the first time, we are getting tones that come the closest to how they sound in our heads when we're staring at the ceiling at night unable to sleep.
I just ate the 8th chicken finger sub of this session in 8 days.
So delicious.
The Northeast Performer came in to talk and we had a nice discussion as well.
Tommorrow we are breaking a little early so that Ethan can to a Bruins game, which means we have to battle Boston rush hour traffic on the way in from the North Shore to get here early = hell.
But he's doing god work so all is forgiven.
Our friend John is coming in a couple hour to lay down some cello tracks too which should be fun.
For some reason we've never had one of those on a Caspian album before. Glad that'll change.


Francisco said...

Hi guys!

Great to know everything's going so good! The sound is mouthwatering, I hope we all be able to listen it pretty soon. Greetings from Portugal!

Edro said...

have'nt been this excited about a new album coming out in a loooong tidbit has me craving some new caspian like a mofo...btw,horray for cellos! think they will def mix well with your sound.see u fellas in NYC!