Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Took the train in the studio today from Beverly.
A delightful ride indeed. Quite scenic.
Guitars are now completed and we've moved into keyboard/auxiliary/beats/different sandwich lunch options/etc.
Only two more days remain of tracking for this record. Feels like it went by in a blur and hard to believe it's almost over in here. 
We just spent an hour working on a programmed drum beat for "Ghosts of the Garden City". Some extra distortion has been added in all the right places and it's been fattened up to have some huge low end to shake toyota celica's across the nation. Damn son. 
Cal spent an hour re-stringing his pedal steel guitar that'll probably not get used but it's here if we need it.
A lot of people have been asking about the vocals on the album... Not to fear, they appear on the albums most concise, straight to the point and heaviest song named "Malacoda". In the background, high pitched kind of singing but not really chanting or background noise either... Hard to explain.
More tommorow, and some cheesy videos to follow.


Edro said...

how many total tracks are we lookin at fellas?...also,love me some ol' pedal steel.a dab or two would be quite nice!

floxe said...

yeah... more videos and photos please :) you know that i'm a nerd when it comes to microphones and recording :D