Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today we are in Groningen, Netherlands. It looks like a classic small European city, with cobblestone roads and nice shops. When we got here we walked around a bit and then some British guy came out of a bar and kicked a homeless guy in the face for saying something to his girlfriend apparently. That was pretty messed up. We kept loading in..
The venue tonight is actually a smaller downstairs room of the bigger venue, Vera. It is all together probably smaller than the actual stage that we played on last night in Maastricht. Speaking of which, last night was great! Played a festival with 5 other bands, including a band called "Starfucker" from Belgium who had the coolest people in it. They were super nice and we chilled out for awhile with them. There was also a band called "Soldout" that did electro indie stuff and sounded incredible. All in all it was a great show and experience. Our new driver, David, is cool dude who wears cool caps and cracks simple and hilarious jokes only at just the right moments. We are glad to have him along.
It's cool because tonight it is just us playing, with no opening act, so we can take our time and go easy in terms of changing gear, soundchecking, etc. In fact we just soundchecked and since the venue is the size of a living room (not really that small but you get the idea) we only put the kick drum through the speakers and it sounds fine. There is also apparently a gigantic dance party/club in the same building that we're gonna go to after we play. And we're sleeping right upstairs in a SWEET band apartment so there is no driving to anywhere after the show involved.
We have to leave at 8am tomorrow to get to France so maybe its for the best.
Have a great Saturday friends...

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