Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today we drove from Aarschot, Belgium to Koln, Germany. Last night we stayed at this guy's house who was so kind and amazing to us. It was one of the best nights of tour. We stayed up late browsing his incredible collection of vinyl and drinking some homemade Belgian beer. Words cant do justice to this beer. We've never tasted anything remotely like it. Honestly I didnt even catch this wonderful man's name which is why I'm referring to him as "this guy". Out of all the people we've met this guy deserves to have a name haha. Anyways, staying at this place was the best and we're all feeling excellent today.

It should have been a nice short drive but there was some pretty rough traffic that added an hour to the drive. All in all it was about 3 hours which isn't so bad at all considering we've had drives of 13 hours this tour. When we got here to the club, the promoter greeted us with an amazing spread of delicious food (see above). We ate to our hearts content. Sandwiches with butter, prosciutto, ham, turkey and other cheeses. Very tasty indeed! After that we soundchecked. For maybe the first time, the sound guy CRNAKED the speakers and was all about louder the better. Trust me, that's a first this tour. We spent some time working with the sound and got it to a good point for sure. Now we're taking it easy getting ready to play. Jorg and Dennis and Eike from our record label are all here tonight which is awesome too. Jorg got married and is a happy clam these days. He makes us all feel great about our band and being here touring. God bless the man.

Sadly today is Lisa's last day with us :( David is taking the reigns driving and he seems like a total bro so that is great. For the first time in Europe we're gonna have all dudes in a van, all the time. Round up the brodeo.

gotta go.

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