Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still going

Lisbon, Portugal.

We are still on tour! 6 weeks deep and 2 more to go. Can you believe it people.
Right now we are in Bolzano, Italy. It's kind of close to Austria and is up in the Alps. We drove 2000km from Madrid to get here. Broke the drive up by staying in a hotel in Nice, France last night and then took quite the scenic drive up here to Bolzano along the Mediteranean and then up into the mountains. The natural beauty of this area makes it difficult to breathe sometimes. Epic might be the only word really..
We finished up our 5 shows in Spain/Portugal with a gig at the Ritmo Y Compas in Madrid two nights ago. What an awesome show! We all enjoyed it so much. Definitely one of our favorite gigs so far this tour without question. The crowd really pushed us to play as hard as we could and we felt like the atmosphere in there was very positive.
After the show we stayed up until 6am at a bar downtown and that was, also, pretty epic.
Spain and Portugal were amazing as ever. We were treated so well by our hosts and appreciated all they did for us. Both nights in Portugal featured traditional Portugese meals that were so tasty. Codfish and pork with fried potatoes and other delights.
In Gijon and Bilbao we saw our friends Artur and Nacho again. Those guys seriously own all others.
Like I said above we have 2 more weeks exactly of tour out here. Our first few shows in Germany literally feel like 3-4 years ago. We are tired, worn out and constantly sleeping in the van and yet somehow, I feel like we could go for a year straight on the road and be just fine. We have reached a rhythm that feels comfortable for us. We are going to try and enjoy these last 2 weeks best we can and absorb as much as possible.

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Nacho said...

Hey dudes!
here are some pics from Gijon's show:

Wish you all the best for the end of the tour and beyond, take care