Monday, November 16, 2009


12.30 Middle East Downstairs | Cambridge, MA *
01.03 The Space | Hamden, CT ^
01.04 The Haunt | Ithaca, NY ^
01.05 Broadway | Amityville, NY ^
01.06 The Ottobar | Baltimore, MD ^
01.07 The Triple | Richmond, VA ^
01.08 The Red & The Black | Washington DC ^
01.09 Pianos | New York, NY ^
01.10 Kings Row | Derry, NH ^
01.11 ICC | Allston, MA ^
01.12 Firehouse XIII | Providence, RI ^

(Full US Tour coming March-April 2010)

* - With Constants
^ - With Sainthood Reps

Full U.S. Tour (all over, everywhere) for March and April are currently being worked on. Final dates should be posted before Christmas. Please direct all booking inquiries to


dustin said...

It would mean the world if you were able to make it to the northwest.

Tom said...

portland fell through eh? not surprised :/

Anonymous said...

please come to florida!

March to the Sea said...

To the other comment posters..the impending US tour is coming. They are working to get the dates lined up.

Me, I'll be seeing at least 3 of these northeast ones...

oh, catherine... said...


Carsten said...

I have been plugging the hell out of this band.

They must be heard.

Also, they'd do well to stop by Omaha, Nebraska. Do Make Say Think and Mogwai both have immense followings in the area, and it'd be easy for a group of Caspian's caliber to capitalize on that fervor.

WmDForrester said...


// SPM said...

come to minneapolis!