Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hey Everyone-

We are back home safely in America now after wrapping up our European über tour. I remember looking at all those dates on our myspace page back in the summer wondering how exactly we were going to play all of those and survive to tell the tale. We survived. Now it's time for some well needed rest. To say thank you to everyone we met over there seems trite and insufficient. It's difficult describing to people all that happened in those two months so instead we will filter the memories into a quiet closed off space inside and move forward with them. We will never forget the experience.

So, what now you may ask? Quite a lot.

US Touring

We are zoning in on the USA. A lot of folks over here in the states seem to complain to us about never touring here. We wonder where everyone was in 2006-7 when we did 4 long haul coast to coast, sleep on the beer covered kitchen floor of random people tours, but it's cool. We're coming back with a vengeance. In early January, we will be doing an 8 date mini tour of the Northeast supporting a band called "Sainthood Reps". They are a side project of a big band named "Brand New". These dates should be posted very shortly on our myspace. Cities include Baltimore, New York, Ithaca, Portland ME, Richmond VA and Washington DC amongst other places.

In late February/March we will be hitting the road HARD and going out for 5 weeks across the country. Those dates are currently being worked on and should be posted in January. If you're a promoter and are interested in booking us, please contact Duncan Rich at Bunce Booking. The email is: As always please keep checking back at our Myspace page for the latest in new tour dates.


Right around tour time, our US label The Mylene Sheath is planning on re-issuing our debut EP "You Are The Conductor" and our LP "The Four Trees" with updated packaging, etc. This is going to be pretty cool! Way more on that when the time gets closer.

Live Album?

On November 20, we are heading back to The Fallout Shelter at WUML in Lowell, Massachusetts. We'll be playing our full tour set and broadcasting it out on the internet to anyone worldwide that wants to tune in and listen. These guys do amazing live studio recordings so this should sound pretty excellent. Point your browser to around 9pm EST on November 20. We encourage people to freely tape and record and distribute this performance as well. If the recording comes out solid we might just end up releasing it as a live EP next year, but we'll have to wait and see on that.

Last Night On Earth VII

In customary Caspian fashion we will be performing our final show of yet another crazy year at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA on December 30. So far our compadres in Constants are on the bill, and 2 more acts will be announced soon. This show is always a special event. This year expect us to rip out some songs we haven't played in FOREVER and also some songs that haven't been in live rotation much lately. The set should be pretty different. We are looking forward to this show so much!

Back To Europa

Our next European tour is scheduled for May of 2010. We won't be able to play all the same places we played last tour, but we will be revisiting some key spots and venturing into some new ones as well (Russia, Greece and Finland to name a few). There's also a chance we'll be over in Belgium and The Netherlands in early April for a few shows also but that is still being worked out. Way more to come on this next year.

Stay Updated

We've been posting news updates on our Facebook and Twitter a lot, and plan on continuing with that. Links to those are to the right. Sometimes we will link to here for more extensive updates as well. Myspace seems to be a rotting pile of spam turd these days so our blog there is done, as our checking Myspace messages. The myspace page is still ground zero for purchasing and tour information but that's as far as it goes.


Enjoy the holidays friends.


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