Thursday, April 28, 2011

ByeBye, Tour

So that's that. We've been touring in support of our last release Tertia for almost 2 years now. 29 countries, 3 continents and over 220 shows played. It's been an intense couple years out there to put it lightly. Last week in Europe the campaign finally came to a close. It was nice to go out on such a solid tour and a high note - many thanks to everyone over there for making the last 8 shows so special and memorable. Special mention must be given to the Dunk! Festival in Belgium and Friction Fest in Berlin for being especially accomodating and professional. They really know how to the throw a party dude.

So now we are home and at last, our full attention can be given to our new record. We will spend the rest of the summer writing it and plan on recording in late October. All of this means that hopefully we can get it to you by early Spring of 2012, at which point we will be hitting the road again and going all over the place. Lots more on that as things develop. Right now it's time to take some naps and get back in the lab and start finding new ideas. We have no idea where this album is heading sonically and to be honest that's kind of nice right now. As usual, we will be writing music that we would want to listen to, and hope that you like listening to it too. Stay here for updates regarding the writing and recording of the album all summer / fall long.

We were pleased to have our good friend Johannes Klein travel with us and take some photos of this last tour. Here is a selection of his work. Enjoy and talk to you guys soon!

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