Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thanks Montreal. Europe now in the crosshairs

Great, great times last night at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal. Less of a tour warmup and more of a straightup throwdown. Thanks to everyone for coming down and making us feel welcome in that city, over and over again. Thanks as well to Twitter user @pelicanus_net for the photo on the left from the show. The guys were in the house and did some amazing video as usual. We will put that up here right away for when it's ready to go... They captured our first performance of the early B-side track "Cigarette" last night in over 5 years as well too. Good stuff.

So we've got 5 days back home and then we fly out to Berlin this Friday. Going to pack a lot of energy into our 8 shows over there this time out. Get ready to rumble. We are also happy to announce that founding guitarist Calvin Joss will be joining us for these dates - his first across the pond. Jonny will be *greatly* missed but we're happy to show Cal how things are done over there. Full dates:

April 17 - Moscow, Russia @ Gogol Club
April 18 - Poznan, Poland @ Pod Minoga
April 19 - Leipzig, Germany @ NATO
April 20 - Wroclaw, Poland @ Bezsenno
April 21 - Berlin, Germany @ Friction Festival (Kantine Stage)
April 22 - Giessen, Germany @ AK44
April 23 - Zottegem, Belgium @ Dunk! Festival
April 24 - Delft, Netherlands @ DeKoonbeurs



Alfred said...

Saw you at the Friction Festival: Thanks for that great show! Pity you won't be in Germany again this year. Always enjoyed your music live so far. Looking forward to hearing you the next time.

lateralis said...

It was a real pleasure to see you once again live at Montreal. See you soon I hope!

Baktelraalis from

Monstercast said...

you were featured on this podcast!!!