Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey guys. Fall is slowly descending upon us up here as we get deep into September. Nice time of year as I'm sure you've heard... Leaves and cider and crisp evenings. It's a nice time to be around, and for the first time in a long time, we are actually here to enjoy it instead of being on tour. Lots of Patriots football to be seen. Looking forward.

We have some more finalized news regarding the new album. Dates are being booked at Q Division studios in Boston for tracking, with John Congelton at the helm producing. We will track up here and mix at John's studio in Dallas upon completion. This is great for us as it's only 20 min. from our hood instead of 23 hours. Nice. Depending on what happens with the finished product, we still aim to have this out to you by early summer at the latest.

Got some local MA shows (our first in eleven months!?!) on tap for November. It's insane that it's been so long, but we needed some space. Space taken - and now it's time to get back in it. Nov. 11 it's going down at the wonderful Iron Horse in Northhampton, MA with our buds in Hadoken. Yes, that's 11.11.11. And the 12th, we are currently booked at Great Scott in Allston but are looking to move the show up here to Beverly so we can do something ALL AGES instead. Want to accommodate all shapes and sizes. We will let you know what the final venue decision is going to be when it happens.

Finally we just want to thank the good folks of Washington DC and Philadelphia for coming on down to these shows last weekend. Was nice to get back up there and sweat like dogs again. We debuted a new song that we hope you liked, and officially retired the Quovis-Further Up-Further In "trilogy" in Philadelphia. It's been a long run with those jams and since we've performed it over 500 times, we figured it was time to put it on the shelf. Crazy.

Anyways, we love you and hope all's well.

2012 is shaping up to be QUITE the busy year. Get ready....


Lando said...

Very excited to hear about the new record. Can't wait for it to come out. Tour Atlanta soon!

Commandercod said...

Awesome news. Hopefully not too many people will be playing Skyrim on your gig

security camera said...

you RETIRED THE TRILOGY!?!! And you didn't retire it in Mass? OUCH.

I have a better idea- play it at the last nights on earth shows. That way you only have to play it once a year and all the massachusetts fans can have something extra to look forward to every year. It would certainly make the end of my year just that much better. Consider it???

Caspian said...

know what.... that's probably a better idea man - re: the trilogy. it's gotta go out in MA, no doubt.

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, ESQ said...

I'm going to have to pour out a 40 for the trilogy (or 'The Trifecta', as I liked to call it). That was the bomb to end all bombs.

Jennifer said...

Early last week I said these words: "Damn, I could really use some of that Caspian sound. Hope I get to see them again someday."

The next day I was looking at the Iron Horse schedule and whaddaya know...Caspian. Serendipity.

Can't wait!

Jen from Vermont

March to the Sea said...

thanks for the updates. Can't wait to hear the new record!

Sound & Signature said...

Wow, retiring that thing is a big one! But hey, I've seen you 3 times play it and I'm happy you've come up with tracks like Concrescence and make shows even better. Please let me know when you're planning to tour NL, I want to get you a show in my hometown of Zwolle.

Looking forward very very much to the new record and seeing you back again!

Joey (Post Summer Festival)