Thursday, October 2, 2008

Den Bosch

Some Pics from recent days. Click on them to enlarge. Video is coming of random things but Youtube takes some time to upload these things. The promoters of the show tonight put us up in an amazing little Hotel down the street here in Den Bosch. Its plush and the bathrooms are real clean. Today is definitely one of those days where being in a touring band is pretty much the single greatest thing you could envision yourself taking part in on the face of the planet. Needless to say, 2 shows in to this tour and we've been treated better than you could imagine. Free meals, kind staff, professional sound people, back stage rooms with water/beer/food/etc, the coolest driver ever (seriously) ... Its all a bit overwhelming for us since we're used to driving around a van ourselves, asking people from the stage if they can put us up for the night and scrounging change to eat Jack in the Box french fries. Reading the audiences in Europe is very difficult so far! Very cerebral and respectful. Better to just do our thing and hope for the best... We shall see. 

Some nice folks in Duisburg, Germany who put us up and entertained for the evening.

Show Poster at Amp in Munster, Germany. Show was a good time, and turned into the most wicked dance party we've ever seen afterwords. Woah. Loading out gear through a sea of 200 people packed thick was like World War III.

Today is Erin's birthday!

Ira presides over the merchandise. Words can't really express how amazing Ira is and his contributions to Caspian this tour. 

Waiting for Lisa (our driver) to pick us up in the van in Dusseldorf as tour begins.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Den Bosch the coolest little town? I saw This Will Destroy You play there in March. So completely different than anything here in the states.

Glad things are going so great for you guys!

J. Adams said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, Cuz....but you were absent. Hope you all have had a pleasant journey. Looks like it was an awesome tour. BTW, the 'crash' is here if you didn't notice. It's time for mass melancholy!